Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Smoking statistics & smoking cessation guidelines

Global statistics
•About 12x more British people have died from smoking than from WWII.
•One British survey found that nearly 99% of women did not know of the link between smoking and cervical cancer.
•Around 80,000 – 100,000 children worldwide start smoking every day – roughly half of whom live in Asia.
•In Asia, tobacco companies are among the top 10 advertisers in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and the Philippines.
•A survey in the UK found about half of smokers think that smoking “can’t really be all that dangerous, or the Government wouldn’t let cigarettes be advertised”.

WHO, 2002 (stats in Malaysia)
•About 50% Malaysian men smoke.
•About 30% of adolescent boys (aged 12 to 18) smoke.
•The numbers of female teens smoking rose from 4.8% to 8% from 1996 – 1999. Nearly one in five teens smokes.
•Smoking rates are highest in rural Kelantan and lowest in urban Penang and Sarawak.
•Malaysia has been dubbed the "indirect advertising capital" of the world.
•Some of the tobacco industry's most obvious efforts to target young people can be seen here.

Smoking Cessation Guidelines

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